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May 19th - 21st - Devon County Show

June 1st - 4th - Bath & West

June 17th - 19th - Three Counties Show

July 18th - 21st - Royal Welsh Show


Poll Dorset

May 3rd & 4th - May fair, Exeter

June 25th - Llandovery

August 26th - Carlisle 

If you are looking for a hard working sheep this is the breed for you.  It has the unique ability to lamb at any time of the year. It is also adaptable to any climate or altitude and primarily a terminal sire breed,with the added advantage of a good fleece. These are qualities many breeders would aspire to. This breed of sheep will provide a regular cash flow by producing lambs frequently, as often as three times in two years.

Ryeland Sheep are a traditional British sheep breed. They  are well known for producing excellent quality lamb and great tasting meat. Ryeland lamb is much sought after by rare-breed butchers, top chefs, hotels and restaurants. Ryelands are docile and easy to look after, which makes them ideal for smallholders or people new to keeping sheep

The Texel is the most popular terminal sire breed in the UK.  It is famed for its exceptional carcass qualities.  It is a breed that is highly adaptable to a wide variety of conditions.  The texel delivers quality to any flock, blending with other breeds to produce the ideal butcher's lamb for today's market. They are the lamb producer's favourite choice.

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